Sunday, 24 July 2011

Thanks for everything

Our trip to Lancaster is over.

We just want to say that we all had a great experience. We've met many new people, we've made really good friends and we've practised English a lot!

Silvia and I want to congratulate students for their good behaviour, they've made the most of all the activities and we feel proud of our Catalan group of students.

We also want to say thank you to all MLI staff in Lancaster: Tom for his help and good organization, Niall for his great effort to arrange groups and levels, Giuseppe for his sport activities at any time, Emil and Jon for making us laugh so much, Susan, Annie and Monika for their nice and friendly character and Mark for his music!

We'll have University of Cumbria in our heart forever!

It's over: time to say goodbye

Today we left University of Cumbria at 3.30 a.m. after a whole night with a bit of crying, laughing, exchanging email addresses and facebook names and saying goodbye to all the students and teachers...
The check-in went perfect and we could even have time to eat our pack-breakfast at the airport.
By 10.30 we got to Girona Airport where all the parents were waiting happily for their sons and daughters!
We are back home safe and happy after our great experience in Lancaster.

Last day: visit in Manchester

On Saturday we went to Manchester together with the Russians and the Spanish. Niall, the head of studies, and Risa took us for a tour in the city center.

We've seen China Town, the City hall where it was an sculpture of the Duke of Lancaster, the cathedral where we could listen to a choir that was rehearsing, the Eye, the main square and some nice streets.

After lunch, we went to Trafford Cente, one of the biggest shopping centers in Europe. There our students had their last opportunity to buy some presents and spend their pounds left. It was really amazing, so big, so crowded and with areas like a cinema, an enourmous food court and a mini golf!

Back to the campus we had our last dinner, but we didn't eat in the canteen because it was booked for a private celebration, so we had dinner at the snack zone! Then everybody went to their rooms to pack everything! Some of us had real trouble to fit all we've bought in the suitcase!

By 8 p.m. we went for our last evening activity: disco! Where we met with some students from another campus! That let us some more opportunity to take pictures together and exchange facebooks and email. After disco, we went to the Russian's flat to celebrate Natasha's birthday! Students played some games and had biscuits as well!

After the celebration, students finished packing and went up and down, in and out the flats to say goodbye to all the other students!
They tried to sleep, even we had to be awake by 3 a.m. to go to the airport!

What a busy day to finish our stay!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Last lessons and last activities!!!

On Friday the students had the last lesson. They were very happy because they had the diploma that proves a good use of the summer course.

After lunch, sports activities as usual, but they missed Italians, who had went home early in the morning. Some of the students checked the facebook to contact with their friends.

Some of the students: Arnau, Adrià, Oriol and Xavi played Yu-gi-oh cards with Japanese students, who are very good players and we could see how their English had emproved.

In the evening, we had prepared a especial surprise: Bowling session in Morecambe, a city near Lancaster. It was really exciting, because everyone showed their skills with the bowling.

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Beatles Story

Here you are a film with the visit we did last Saturday 16th to the Beatles museum. We would like to post it with the music of Beatles but it has being a bit difficult, so there's only a song. Actually, this museum is amazing, plenty of photos, objects and it reproduces the most important places of the Beatles life: the Cavern, Matthew Street,.... So, enjoy it!!

Learning about Japanese culture and MLI diplomas

Last evening we had a great time thanks to Japanese group. They had prepared a presentation about their country and culture. All the international students met at the theatre to listen to their explanations.

Two nice Japanese boys did a powerpoint presentation which included a description of Japan, the most important places and cities in Japan, a list of typical food. They also showed us a traditional way of playing drums, and a boy played for us using boards and cardboard instead of real drums. To finish their presentetion, they introcued us to origami, and we all tried to make a paper figure, what was quite difficult! But we could reach to make it with the Japanese students help.

After the Japanese presentation, we had the handing out diplomas ceremony. Teachers gave to students the certificate which proved they all passed their couses. Teacher handed a funny diploma about a special feature of each student. For example, some of our students got: the best basketball player, the super cool girl, the Juliet, etc.

After all, we still had some time to do some indoor sports and to say goodbye to the other Italian group who left last night!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

The beach with no sand but plenty of games and shops

Today was the penultimate day of class. We learned a lot of new words about jobs, weather, shops...
In the afternoon we went to Blackpool, it's a town near Lancaster. This town has beach, but a very different beach than ours because it hasn't got sand, it only has cement at the sides of the beach. Blackpool is famous for its gambling machines, some of the students have played a bit! We visited the center, we walked through the pier and we went shopping.

Today was an exepcional day because it wasn't rain!

The Italian people are going to leave this apparments tomorrow early in the morning and it's possible than we never see them again and this night we will wake up to say good bye at 6am.

We are very friends with the Spanish people and Russians too but the Japanese people are very different from us and they don't understand anything that we say.

Now we are going to see a show of the Japanese people and maybe we'll learn more about their culture.

See you on Sunday (: